Monday, October 21, 2013

Model Moves

 I have been so excited to share photos from this session that I did this past weekend. I had the wonderful challenge of making this young adult brother and sister pair look like brother and sister NOT a couple...which they were worried about. :)

 I have know Lara for a long time, I have the joy of watching this girl dance every Saturday morning and just being on her company. She is truly a wonderful person and can make you feel very good about yourself...she likes to tell me that I am still awesome after having three kids. LOVE HER! She can MOVE people, it is like her movements come from within and she glides across the floor like a feather being blown in the wind, totally effortlessly.

I met her brother for the first time that night and he is also a joy to be around. He has that All-American, clean cut look going for him and it works! What a great family! It was fun to work with older "kids" and also a challenge. I can't really say, Okay, play tag or give your sister a kiss on the cheek! lol  I think we made it work though.

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