Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cozy with the Kozys

Finally getting around to blogging about this very special session!

When Mrs. K approached me to do pictures of her kids and said, "Be creative" I knew exactly what I wanted to do. I know this wonderful family from dance and have been able to teach M for a bunch of years now and have watched her grow into a beautiful young lady, so I was so excited to also be able to capture that with the camera too! Along with Miss M, there are two adorable boys, S and E and their personalities match their adorableness on the inside too.

The kids were the perfect ages for the "Feather Bed" session and they had the PERFECT last name for this! I found the bed at the thrift store and my kids and I painted it, I had the quilt (also a thrift store was also half off day and I got it for get ready...$3...THREE DOLLARS! Don't worry, I washed it.) and my mom had the eyelet bed skirt. The hardest spot was finding at spot for the bed, somewhere close enough that we weren't dragging a bed frame, mattress and box spring, along with blankets and pillows through a forest, but it needed to look like they were in the middle of a forest or field. I found the spot (my parents happen to have a house with a lot of land, perfect..babysitting and location all in one!!!) and from there my wonderful husband helped set the scene up and the family arrived and we were ready for some feathery fun! Here are the pictures, Enjoy!
 {And yes, the feathers actually got picked up...  my kids, step dad and I did rake up majority of the feathers and stuff them all into a garbage bag, that was fun...:)}.

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