Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Little Miss C

Oh boy, this little lady is all that and a cup of tea. I was really tempted to take her home with me and have her join our family for a bit, just so I could love on her some more. Seriously guys, she is the cutest! She came all the way from Indy for me to take her pictures. Her mommy and I were sorority sisters and I am so happy for Facebook so that we can stay in touch and that she asked me to photograph her little beauty. Miss you guys! We need to do this again soon!

Look at those feet! I LOVE this picture! 

I love this series of pictures, when she was peeking around the corner I just kept snapping thinking that I couldn't even ask for a better situation! LOVE!

The orchard part of our session is pure magic in my book, full of whimsy, sun and bubbles, can you ask for better than that?!?!

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