Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hippy Chic

Ohhhh, so excited to share this session on the blog. Mrs. H sent me an email a long time ago, inquiring about my photography, I replied with some information about what I do and she responded that they would be coming from South Central Indiana, 3 hours away, with a one year old. Wowza! To say that I was flattered beyond words, that they would want to drive all this way to have little old me take their pictures was so beyond words exciting for me. I had a friend come up from Indy for me to do her daughter's pictures earlier this summer, so maybe, just maybe I am creating something a little different for the normal child and family picture scene?  I don't know, but what I do know, is that I LOVE what I do, I LOVE all of you and I hope to express that in the pictures I take.
Now, I am not unreasonable to think that my pricing has a lot to do with the willingness to drive the distance, or as to why I am so busy with pictures. I am a newbie, I don't have the top of the line professional photographer camera and lenses. I am working with what I have (which, btw is a very nice camera and lens) and producing some quality images. I am not really going to raise my prices until I upgrade my equipment. I am a cheap....wait, I have never been called cheap...I mean, inexpensive, very reasonable photographer. On a side note, I think that family photography has been priced out of most families budgets, seriously, I know everything it takes and how expensive it can be to purchase the best equipment, but who wants to budget all year to afford one family picture session???

Okay back to our session! This family was an absolute joy to work with, poster family for pictures! The forecast was calling for rain and storms, but it held off and we had overcast skies when we needed them and sun when we needed it, literally everything just came together for a beautiful experience!

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