Thursday, August 6, 2015

When with the Wendlingers...

Everything was lining up for a perfect session...great location, perfect weather and amazing light. I know this family really well and was super excited to run around the preserve with them and their three kiddos. 
However, if a two year old decides that tonight is not going to be family picture night, then most likely tonight will not be family picture night. Not even Lighting McQueen, rest time in the car, the phone or all the singing, dancing and funny faces you can make will change his mind. I'm not just talking, the stubborn, won't look or smile attitude...that we can work with and is sometimes cute and totally acceptable for all those three and under. We are talking as mom put it, "one of the all time worst ever times" recovering from that.
SO, what to do? We got as many shots as we could with the girls and are going to meet back up another day and try and snag some of those beloved and difficult to get even with a happy two year old....all three siblings can be the rarest and most elusive photo, but worth the work and effort. :) lol We need some of just the little guy too. With all that being said, I think we did pretty good for our somewhat stressful circumstances. Enjoy!

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  1. Simply beautiful pictures! Maybe next time Thomas will cooperate a little more!