Sunday, August 9, 2015

Hanging with the Hays

The Hay family and I were able to meet up for a night of memory making and mosquito swatting. Yes, mosquitos were the challenge of the night, I mean they were bad, but the Hay family were troopers and we snapped between swats.
After the session I got the sweetest message. She said that with the move she was a wreck and that she was so glad that we did the pics, "With all of the emotion, our family being together is the most important thing so I love that we've captured those moments."
Wow, those words couldn't mean more to me! 
We got these images in right before they had a big move and we were both so happy we could get together and get some pictures done before they had such a big change. Hay family, thinking of you in your new home and really hoping these images can be some new art for your new walls!!! <3

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