Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Capturing Joy

It has been a while since I have updated the blog, but this family needs way more then a Facebook blurb.  When Mrs. M contacted me and said she wanted to get their family pictures done before their fifth baby comes, I was thrilled...and a bit nervous.  If any family is deserving of amazing family pictures, it is them,  I really wondered if I would be able to deliver what they deserved?

Let's take a step back in the story. I have know this couple for a long time, way back to high school when Mrs. M and I had lockers right next to each other. They were high school sweethearts and got hitched soon after.  When I had my first baby Mrs. M invited me to MOPS.  At one of the meetings we had to fill out a survey about personality types and then get into the group with your personality...three groups.  Everyone headed to their groups, Mrs. M, another lady and I were the ONLY ones in our group....the Creatives....I knew I always liked her, but I was assured that day.  An aspect (there are lots, this is one of the positives..I think!) of our personality, is that it allows us the ability to see the best or the potential in things, whether it be a house, an old beat up piece of furniture, a situation or a person.  This is so true of Mrs. M, she is such a kind, creative and work with what you have person.

This family has been through a lot in the last few years. Their second son endured an awful burn to his leg a few years back, and recently Mr. M suffering a brain aneurism and having to have brain surgery and be in the hospital for weeks recovering.  His life is truly a gift.  Mrs. M was right there by his side the whole time, friends and family stepped up to take care of their four kids.  This family can teach us all a lesson in faith, perseverance, seeing the good, and trusting in God's plan.
I will try and live a more joyful life because it was made very clear how fast things can be taken from us and when it comes down to it, what really matters in life. Thank you M family for letting me capture your joy, your three crazy boys and beautiful daughter and the real love that you two have for each other.

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