Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Half a Year

My photography style is to capture interaction and candid moments.  I sometimes try and stay away from photographing anyone under a year all on their own. However, for my dear cousin, I made an exception and I am so glad that I did!
Her little guy N is so adorable and we had a lot of fun getting the shots together.  His dad is from Peru and his mom has a strong Dutch heritage, I think the suitcase ones are a forecast of all the great travel that is in his future! I was also able to capture a few candid moments with his grandpa. N was feeling a bit done with getting his picture taken...and grandpa walked in and he calmed down, like magic! It was so sweet to see!

N had a big brother, who was a strong guy in spirit, but was born very early and had many surgeries in his first few months of life. Baby B was a fighter, but at 3 months the Lord called him home. My cousin brought pictures of Baby B and had N take his pictures with them. It was so touching and sweet and such a wonderful idea that she thought of.

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