Thursday, May 9, 2013

Merry Making Birthday!!!!

GaGa's Golden Book Birthday

Gaga turned ONE on May 1st! To celebrate I hosted a Little Golden Birthday party for him, all book themed of course!  

The invitations were from littleforests Etsy shop. They were beautiful!

All of the food for the party was themed off of our favorite children's picture books.

More Pictures from the party
Each child got to pick a book as a present and we had lots of book worms to munch on! Golden balloons filled the dining room.

The Cake, Oh the Cake! Auntie Emme's Buttered Buns did a fantastic job! It was almost a shame to eat, but it was so delicious!
The look on his eyes while we sang happy birthday was so special. I think he enjoyed his first birthday cake!

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