Thursday, May 16, 2013

Merriment at the Zoo

Did you ever find a place that you knew it was special?  That it would hold a special place in your heart and that you want to tell everyone about, but keep it a secret at the same time? I have a few places like that, some to remain a secret, but one I will share.

The Michigan City Zoo is one of those places. Located just off of the beach on Lake Michigan, it is a small zoo that has all the charm and characteristics of a forgotten treasure.  There is a couple of tigers and some bears and zebras, but the really special place is the bird house. You need to visit this at the end of summer, when all the vines have covered the ceiling and cover the wires, so you forget that you are actually in a large cage. The birds fly around and you can get a stick with food on to feed them.

When you are walking around there you can feel like you have your very own zoo just for you. If I had a million dollars, I would share with the Michigan City Zoo!

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