Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sweet November

As an adult, busy with your life, it can be hard to meet new people and cultivate new friendships...let alone those friendships that have been there for years! With this job, pretty much every time I go out with a family, I leave thinking that the mom and I need to schedule a time to go out and hangout together! Everyone has been so wonderful, fun and cool, and I want to be friends with everyone. Well, when Mrs. B contacted me, I was so super excited because I think I secretly wanted to be friends with her for years! lol  We meet years ago at my first ever MOPS group (friendships formed there that are so awesome to still have now!) and have run into each other over the years at various "mommy" activities. I always thought she was so cute and so stylish and seemed like fun, and as I found out Saturday, she is all that and more! We also found out we have birthdays days apart and that we need to hangout soon. So happy to make this new connection and have the opportunity to photograph this energetic, crazy, adorable family.

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