Monday, September 2, 2013

Images of Neverland

I wanted to do this “Lost Boys” session for so long. The idea came to me in the spring, when I first thought to do the Storybook Series.  I knew I wanted to do Peter Pan and couldn’t wait to pull in some of my favorite kids to be my “lost children”.  I gave the kids some props and sent them on their merry way to create a world of their own. I sometimes wish I could whisk my children off to a Neverland, a place to keep them innocent and carefree forever.

Childhood is a fleeting, magical time. The carefree days of Indian Princesses, lost boys, hideouts in the trees, bows and arrows and blankies, are too soon replaced with more mature endeavors. The time when children can run, play, pretend and explore is something that should be treasured and kept forever before the realities of adulthood set in.

A child, lost in his own world, is a beautiful sight, it is reassurance that in this world of apps and ads, children can still function the same as their ancestors did hundreds of years ago.  Equipped with only an imagination, children can become anyone, go anywhere and do anything.

I love child photography so much because each photograph, in a way, is like creating your own Neverland, a moment in time frozen forever, a place where your kids will be little forever.  Life will mature and change, just like it should, but you can always look back and remember those fleeting days of childhood. Being able to capture the story of childhood is what I want my work to be about. Portraying the perfections and imperfections of children is something that I truly love to do, and is such a blessing in my life.

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