Friday, February 1, 2013


It is 17 degrees outside and Ethan has been insisting on going out to practice soccer. Yesterday at while Goodwill hunting, we found him some (almost) new soccer shoes and he has been anxiously waiting to try them out.  I got him bundled up and as I was tying them he said something about "looking awesome", and I said,
"Oh, I look awesome, thank you!"
 He looked at me and said, "No, my new shoes look awesome,  but I like your jeans, they look awesome".
 I laughed and said,"What about my shirt?"
To which he replied, "Um, I don't like polka dots, I like stripes more."
 Well, there is a little boy who knows what he likes
He also discovered that his new soccer shoes are really good at helping him turn, or spin,  looks like we will have a dancing soccer player on our hands.

I happen to love polka dots, and I think they are classic, fun and can add a punch of personality to anything, here is one of my favorite polka memories

Who doesn't love apolka dotted swim cap

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